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Growing Marijuana at home is getting a very popular hobby world wide. Every day people all over the world start to grow marijuana indoors. It's easy and safe to grow a few plants in your closet. I'm going to learn you all the fact and secrets you need to know if you want to start growing marijuana safely at home.

Whether you want to grow cannabis (same word as marijuana) for medical purpose, for cooking or just for enjoyment it doesn't matter. What you need to know is how to grow to produce the most potent buds with minimal space and effort.

You will learn how to convert your closet into a growing system that don't need much attention at all. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you'll find the answers to your questions , there is so much information here you can't find it in any book you buy. You will get the latest news on developments and grow techniques by people who actually experience these themselves.

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You Will Learn ...

  • Step by step guide, instructions with pictures how to build your own grow box. You get reports with more then hundred pictures of how to information.
  • Where to get quality seeds with up to 60% discount!
  • Germination techniques that produces 100% success rate.

  • What lights do you need to use? Fluorescent, HID, HPS, etc. There are so much choices for you to chose from. Read what would be the perfect choice for you. Don't throw away all you money to buy a $400 WATTS bulb if you are not sure if it brings you more yield then a fluorescent bulb.

  • Step by step how to make your own grow unit without spending much dollars. This will save you alone all hundreds of dollars. I get people asking me if I agree if they buy a hydrophonic system for $300 for only 4 plants. YES, these systems are on the market but Don't BUY THESE!! I show you how to do it the right way.

  • How to easily Harvest up to 6 times a year. YES!, al year round production, this is the best, and after you have set it al up it's almost hand free.

  • What is cloning and how you can use this and Never buy seeds again.

  • What does Vegetative growth means?

  • How to prevent yellow leaves and other strange thing what can happen to your plants.
  • Hydroponics
  • potting soil

  • Pests, how to cure it and how to prevent it.

  • How to prevent smell out of your grow room. This is a must read! Most people that have been caught is because of too much smell around the house.


  • Outside technique called Guerrilla Gardening!

  • With only a little space and have all the clones you can handle.

  • How To Make Your Own Hash from the leftovers after harvesting!

  • How to Manicure Your Crop the way it doesn't smell like grass but pure cannabis!

  • How to make your own skuff Machine with the tools you can buy at the local shops.

  • What is S.C.R.O.G. and why are the Pro's using this technique these days.

  • Two plants producing an ounce of buds grown with fluorescent lights and feminized seeds.


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Growing Marijuana On A Budget

A big concern for many people interested in growing marijuana is how much everything is going to cost. But what if you learned that it doesn’t have to be expensive? In this article, we will cover ways that you can save money and still have a successful grow season.

The price of growing marijuana

There’s no doubt about it: growing marijuana can certainly be expensive. Sometimes it can be extremely expensive. This is particularly the case when growing indoors, as you will not only need to provide seeds, nutrients, and water but also buy soil, grow lights and equipment for the grow space itself. For many, this is enough of a reason to never try growing marijuana for the first time.

However, there are plenty of ways to cut costs when growing marijuana. This is especially a good idea if you have never grown marijuana before and just want to try it out and see how it goes. The financial risk is a huge turn off for many beginners, so if you fit into this category, then the information below is perfect for you. Let’s look at the various aspects of setting up a growing operation and how you can save money in each of them.

Don’t skimp on the important things

It’s a good idea to remember that you shouldn’t try saving money in all aspects of growing marijuana, as there are some that will basically guarantee that you will end up frustrated and disappointed, and won’t want to try growing marijuana ever again. Don’t be so blinded by the price tags that you ignore your priorities.


When it comes to buying your first seeds, skimping on the price could be the biggest mistake you could make. Some beginners attempt to start growing marijuana for the first time with seeds they actually found in the last bag of weed they bought. We can guarantee you that this will be either completely unsuccessful or lead to highly disappointing results, so, if you really want to try growing marijuana, then it is better to pay a few more dollars for high-quality seeds than to skimp.

The importance of genetics cannot be stressed enough when you’re buying your cannabis seeds. The way to save money is to buy fewer seeds. For example, you can just order five seeds from a reputable seed bank (which is also recommended), and it could cost you less than $50. This will make your money have the most value since it will lead to a greater and more potent yield at the end – in other words, you will get your money’s worth.

Your grow space

The next aspect to consider is simply where you will grow these marijuana plants. Although there are plenty of state of the art options available on the market, this is definitely an aspect where you can save plenty of money. Just about any type of container will do – a closet, an old cabinet, or something else that you don’t normally use will certainly do the trick. You can check online for similar objects if you don’t have any yourself (check websites such as CraigsList or FreeCycle). Finding one that is either extremely cheap or totally free shouldn’t be that hard.

The main requirements for your container are the ability to fit your plants as well as a light above them, a certain amount of sturdiness so it won’t collapse when you set everything up (especially hanging the light), and holes that will work for ventilation. You can always add the holes yourself as well.

If you need more space and are feeling handy, simply connect more than one of these cabinets together to form a bigger area for your marijuana plants. You can also build one if you already have the materials.

To maximize the level of effectiveness of your grow space, spending money on reflective materials to put on the walls will help your lighting go a long way without paying the same price as you would need to buy an extra lamp. Never try using tin foil, as it will cause major increases in heat and will risk catching fire. Instead, buy Mylar or another similar product.

To save even more money, simply paint the interior completely white, using flat or matte paint. Glossy paint is, surprisingly, less effective at reflecting light than matte or flat paint.

Your growing medium

Don’t go too fancy for your first budget-friendly run, such as by using hydroponics or other similar systems. They cost far more in upfront costs and are, in many ways, harder to learn how to do it effectively.

Most likely your best option will be soil. Don’t use dirt from your back yard because it won’t be sterile and likely will not contain the nutrients your plants are going to need. Instead, simply get some higher quality soil so you don’t need to add any nutrients for the first part of your plants’ lives at all.


Although you can buy highly effective nutrients that are specially designed for marijuana plants, these will cost you more money than more generic nutrients found at your local garden center. If you do buy the generic nutrients, be sure that they are recommended for plants typically consumed by people, such as raspberries or tomatoes. That way you will avoid any dangerous chemicals that are often used in plants that people won’t consume.

If the soil you purchased is high in quality, then you won’t need any nutrients at all until your plants mature. If the soil is truly high in nutrients, your plants will only need a bit of phosphate later in life – the rest is already in the soil, making your life easier (and cheaper).

There are also some homemade options for specific nutrient additions to your soil. For instance, you can combine water with molasses for a good flowering phase nutrient boost. Check online for other such recipes.


You will need an exhaust fan or extraction fan to have an efficient grow setup. This is critical because it prevents the development of mold and fungi, which would decimate your crop completely. The best way to save money here is to purchase a used one on eBay. Only buy from sellers who are reviewed and trusted, and be sure to do the math beforehand so you know it is a powerful or large enough fan for your particular grow space.

You will also need some form of odor control for your own security, but this can be made cheaper by making your own at home. You can find a variety of sources online with how-to articles.


While you won’t want to skimp on the type of lights you use, you can also save money here by buying used lights on eBay. Again, make sure the seller is reputable. While the fixtures can be purchased secondhand without any negative sides, the bulbs themselves should always be purchased new because they fade over time.

In addition to the light fixture, bulb, and reflector (which can be kept pretty basic and therefore less expensive), you will also need a timer for your lights. These can also be found on eBay for just a few dollars, especially if you buy a manual timer.

Additional aspects

While your plants can likely live without you constantly monitoring their pH levels (assuming the soil is high in quality), you really do need to purchase a thermo-hygrometer. This will help you keep a close eye on your plants’ growing environment, which will determine their ultimate success that season.

All in all, be resourceful but not skimpy in order to have a successful, budget-friendly grow season. Be creative and plan ahead, and you will quickly realize why there is so much hype around growing marijuana.

Written by Robert Bergman, founder of Robert has been passionately exploring and experimenting with cannabis seeds for over 20 years and shares these insights to educate growers avoid mistakes and to fully capitalize on a bud's potential and get the most out of a marijuana plant.